The Supreme Experience

The latest challenge that has swept the nation is the #bussitchallenge inspired by Erica Banks's hit single Buss It. A woman's 3-year relationship ended because she posted a #bussitchallenge.
Big Dummy Files
If you are that mad about what is being said on TV or the radio the best thing to do is to go outside right now and smash your TV. According to these protesters.
This week's Freestyle Friday #KILLABEE Challenge. This is only for the true spitters. It's back: Freestyle Friday. Your chance to spit that fire on the radio.
New order to wear mask indoor, starts on Friday, but it made think how could this law be enforced without people telling on each other?
Generation Next
The Supreme Experience is set to release an all-new Generation Next Compilation to all major streaming platforms.  
Top 10 Coronavirus
What's the dumbest thing you bought WAY too much of when the whole panic-buying thing started? Some of the best answers we've include eight bottles of ketchup, spam and more.
Coronavirus Dating
Just because you're in the house doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. It looks like online dating is up in all of the places social distancing because of the spread of Coronavirus.
How much energy or time should a person put into revenge? I think it really depends on what the person did to make you mad.
518 Day
Do you love the Capital District? Then you should be aware of 518 Day this is a celebration of everything 518, arts, entertainment and business.

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