The Supreme Experience

Win Tickets To Party With Lil Kim On New Years Eve
Win your way into the New Year's Party Of A Lifetime! This Monday we are bringing in 2019 with the legendary Lil Kim. Come celebrate the New Year at Lucky Strike with an appearance by Lil Kim inside of Jupiter Hall.
You can win all weekend just by downloading the Hot 991 App we will announce the…
Kanye West Says Slavery Was A Choice ?
Kanye West had a lot to say when he stopped by TMZ yesterday to talk about what led to his hospitalization back in November 2016. He actually told the crew that he had liposuction and became addicted to opioids after his surgery.
Is Facetiming with Someone Else Cheating?
Today's Trending topic is it okay for your significant other to Facetime with someone other than you. I'm not talking about the family we are talking about "friends" particularly friends of the opposite sex. Do you think Facetiming with someone other than your mate qualify as c…
#SPOTLIGHT - Golden Child
During The Supreme Experience, we give you a chance to call up and showcase your talent with The #Spotlight.
Today we took it to the streets and linked up with Goldenchild, in his hood in Schenectady we had Golden Child spit a quick #HOT16
If you know of someone we need to put in the spotlight send …
5 Crazy Ideas That Would Improve Albany
It seems like everyone is paying attention to politics and the general operation of our country and city.  From Donald Trump signing an executive order every other day, to Mayor Sheehan and Gov. Cuomo going back and forth about Albany's budget, we had to take it to the street and ask: &…

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