Summer is probably the most expensive season, summer vacations, outdoor concerts, and amusement parks. Don't go broke this summer and not have enough money to make sure your warm this winter. Here are 5 tips to save some dough this summer:

1. Find free events. Summer is the most popular time for street festivals, outdoor concerts, and other community events that are usually free to attend.

2. Host a garage sale. The benefits are two-fold: You'll de-clutter the house AND hopefully make a little bit of money out of it.

3. Grill outside. Grilling outdoors helps keep the house cooler by not heating up the kitchen with the stove. And you don't have to just make burgers and hotdogs. You can make pizza, kebabs, and even dessert like grilled peaches.

4. Take your summer vacation the last week of August. Most families don't want to take a vacation right before school starts, so you might be able to find better prices the last week of August.

5. Live within your means, camping is easy free and fun. There is no sense of trying to ball out this summer if you don't have it. Live your life for your happiness not to impress others. It's not worth it to spend 1000 of dollars for an exotic vacation just to front on the gram.

Any other tips that you have to save money this summer are always welcomed. Hit me up with an email if you have more money saving tips.

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