Imagine calling the police to come to help you and you end up getting arrested for selling drugs. Better yet, don't imagine that because you would be just as stupid as Carter Pyle of Arkansas. He just called the police on his self and ending up getting arrested.

Here is how is all went down according to Baxter Bulletin.

An 18-year-old in northern Arkansas named Carter Pyle recently called the cops after he locked BOTH sets of his keys in his car. His regular set, and his back-up set. (It happened in Mountain Home, Arkansas, just south of the Missouri border.)

Apparently, it was a slow day, because a cop actually showed up to help him out. Which was nice. But while they were jimmying his door open, they noticed three compressed bags of MARIJUANA in the back seat that were just sitting out in plain view.

How stupid can you be Carter? He had to know he was selling drugs so why call the police for anything? He should’ve just gotten some kind of road side assistance they wouldn’t have called the police on him.

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