Why Do We Celebrate Black History?
If you are like many people, you don’t know how or why Black History Month even began. As we begin to wind down on Black History Month for 2021, let’s look back and see how Black History Month came to be.
Hot 5 : Capital Region Music Videos
The Capital Region continues to showcase brightly on YouTube and other video outlets as well as social media. Check out these five Capital Region that has been taking over social media with their music video contributions.
Dave & Buster's Sues Cuomo
The COVID19 pandemic has been rough on many businesses for a whole year. Dave and Buster‘s video and arcade chain have had enough. They are taking Governor Cuomo to court over the closures.
Black History Month : Toni Morrison
When you think of famous black writers or poets, the name Toni Morrison has to be near top of your list. I was surprised to learn that Ms. Morrison was a college professor, and she spent time here in the Capital Region.
Albany Zoom Call Hacked By Racist
Last night the Council of Albany Neighborhood Association (CANA) held its monthly Zoom meeting, Unfortunately, white supremacists hijacked the meeting and spewed racist rhetoric for everyone present to see.
The latest challenge that has swept the nation is the #bussitchallenge inspired by Erica Banks's hit single Buss It. A woman's 3-year relationship ended because she posted a #bussitchallenge.

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