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Who's Hot : MobBeatz
Congratulations to MobBeatz for winning Hot991's producer of the year award. MobBeatz is a producer, writer, and artist coming out Albany NY, originally born and raised in Turkey until he was a young teenager and then moved to Upstate NY. MobBeatz has been on the music grind and staying consist…
Yung Joc Clowned For Ridesharing
A video is circulating on social media with Yung Joc driving for a ride share program to make extra cash.  But you got these uppity chicks who needed a ride telling Yung Joc – “oh you must’ve fell off.”  Dude sounded like he was already fee…
Radio Exposure For Artists in 2020
Up and coming artists that are looking for radio exposure in the new year send your music to Hot991. You could get your song featured on The Who’s Hot podcast that is hosted by Keisharenee every Saturday at midnight. Catch new music and  new artist on the show and exclusive inte…
Justin Timberlake Is Crying Us A River
Justin Timberlake issues a public apology for Getting Caught Holding Hands with His Co-Star: “I Drank Way Too Much.” Oh did you now?
Come through with that public apology to Janet Jackson bruh, don’t act like we forgot. Justin Timberlake has issued a public…
Tank Says Stop Helping People For Social Media Clout
I agree with him! Everybody doing things these days to get Clout for what? Just to be seen?!
What happened to the days of helping people in need behind the scenes? Now everybody gotta record
it, do a story line behind it or even create go fund me accounts to act like they are really helping people
French Montana In ICU
French Montana has been in intensive care unit (ICU) for several days, after a 911 call to his home, reported from TMZ. When police arrived the Bronx rapper complained of cardiac issues and nausea
10 Rappers Who Have Never Won Grammys
With the Grammy Awards nominees being announced yesterday, I’ve thought the Grammys were trash for a long time. Some of the rappers that have won grammy’s include Will Smith, Puff Daddy, and Macklemore.
These Grammy winners should tell you all you need to know about th…
Top Instagram Influencers
Now with social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, and Twitter, you can watch the every day life your favorite celebrities becoming closer than ever.
The Unluccy Luccy Kid , Tell Yah Story and Kirk Review
This past Friday, there was a lot of heat that was dropped from Kevin Gates to Dababy to Sheff G to Layton Greene and more. Perfect weekend to thoroughly check some new projects out and see what the hype was all about.
Brooklyn's rising star Sheff G dropped his debut album "The Unl…

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