A-Ram is a new artist on the come up. Most people connect with artists' personality now as much as they connect with their music. I got a chance to chop it up with A-Ram about his upbringing and what influences him to make music. Check out 9 questions with A-Ram.

1. Who Are Your Favorite Artists? Growing up I was heavily influenced by Eminem and Nas for the lyricism and storytelling ability. I appreciated Ja Rule and 50 Cent for their diversity and being able to add singing elements to Hip Hop, and later appreciated Drake's versatility and creating a unique sound.
2. When Did You Start Creating Music? I began creating music when I was 12 years old
3. What Is Your Goal For Your Music? My goal in my music is to inspire the listener to realize their full potential and live life with purpose and intention.
4. What Are Some Social Issues That You Think Are Important? Social issues that are important to me have to do with individuals that grew up in impoverished cities, such as mine (Philly), and our ability or the lack thereof of access to proper educational systems, resources that would empower our communities to be home and business owners, and the quality of life is equivalent to affluent neighborhoods for the development and appreciation of self.
5. Where Were You Raised And How Has it Influenced Your Music? I was raised in the city of Philadelphia, PA. This city is immersed with talent and artistry; everyone is encouraged to discover their own gifts and place in the city. There is an underlining theme of being an underdog in Philly. I wear it as a badge of honor; some of the greatest things happen when you least expect them. This is how the city of Philadelphia influenced my music.
6. Where Do You See Yourself In The Next 5 Years? In the next five years see myself owning a neighborhood coffee and bakery shop, that'll create job opportunities to young people, and allow students and young professional a setting to create, collaborate, and meet around projects.
7. What Makes You Different From Other Artist In Your Genre? (IE your sound/ your look) What makes me different and unique as an artist in my genre is that I am able to create a sound that is suitable and appealing 8. What's your favorite food and why? My favorite food has to be a homemade plate of white rice, red beans, oven-baked chicken, with a side of tostones (fried plantain and green salad. This is a Puerto Rican household staple in regards to meals, and definitely top tier for me.
9. What do you look for in a significant other? Well, fortunately, my search does not have to continue for a significant other, yet what I love about my wife is her attentiveness and care towards me. She is extremely supportive and provides wise counsel in my endeavors. She is someone I can talk to, laugh with, and able to share difficult things with.
BONUS QUESTION 10. What Is The Most Important Thing About Music? The most important thing about music to me is the ability to unite people together. Music is one of the elements in this life that has the ability to connect us with one another, despite our differences.

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