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April Hometown Hero Makes Miracles For Our Military
Melody is the Director of Veterans Miracle Center, and when we called her to inform her that she was April's Hometown Hero, she was incredibly grateful.   But, she was also in the midst of doing a million things for our Veterans and active military, so we kept it rather brief.   Please take a moment…
Comedian Ray Dejon
Comedian Ray Dejon called into The Supreme Experience to let us know about the Coronavirus and how it is affected him, his friends and family in New York City.
Schenectady Bear Defiantly Dismisses Social Distancing
A black bear bear was caught on tape curiously sniffing around on a man's front porch in Schenectady County on Sunday night.  Local residents are wondering where the migrating mammal was off to next and why it wasn't practicing proper social distancing?
Coronavirus: Local Updates
The coronavirus has finally made its presence known here in the Capital Region and in response, many events are getting canceled.

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