What's Hot! New vibes from the Capital Region and beyond. This is a small playlist of people throughout the Capital Region who are doing their thing. These artists submitted music right here at Hot991.com

This week's list features 12 songs from Capital Region Artist.

Muneshot - Running. Muneshot checks in on the What's Hot Playlist with his single Running. The melodic R&B song is filled with emotion check him out on this week's What's Hot Playlist.

LNS - Lonely

Directed By : Nellsonline Check out the visual for LNS's Whats Hot playlist entry for Lonely decidated to suicide victims. This song is a beautiful tribute to the live lost to suicide. Check out the visual below:

U.S. Bay - All On Me

HOT 991 exclusive this song isn't even released yet listen to the entire playlist to check out U.S. Bay and NBHD Nick going back and forth on this track. Also, check out the visual for Buck Em Down.

Albany Lou Ft Uncle Murda - Rapper Pack

With over a million views on World Star. Albany Lou wants to know what that pack is like. This collaboration with Uncle Murda will have the Capital Region on fire for the Fall. Check out the visual below:

Albany Lou Ft Uncle Murda - Flatten The Curve

Albany Lou's COVID-19 summer anthem had to make an appearance on this week's playlist. Remember mask up and flatten the curve check out the Albany Lou visual below:

Wiz Hoffa Ft Astrx Boomin - Go Time
Wiz Hoffa just teamed up with Atrx Booming to release Go Time. This song hasn't been put on any streaming platforms yet, so it's a HOT 991 exclusive! Check out Wizzy's previous release below I.D.K.Y.

Party G - Scary

Party G has the streets this is the debut single off of his modern-day boom-bap EP. The title of this song is SCARY. The beat knocks and Party G flow on this track is crazy. Check out Scary on all streaming platforms.

Luca Sand Ft Sonnii - The Payback

Another Hot 991 exclusive, I've had this one in the bag for a minute Luca Sand and Sonnii team up for the Payback. Luca Sand is always consistent and this single is no different he walks all over the payback, with a flow reminiscent of 03 Jay-Z.

ODE - T.A.G.

This is what New York is supposed to sound like bars and beats. ODE definitely brings both with the street anthem T.A.G. (That Aint Gangsta) Check out the visuals below.

Riq Hemmingway - Don’t Stop

Riq Hemmingway is back on the playlist with his single Don't Stop. Three words describe this song and that is "Hard Hitting Lyrics". Check out the visuals for Don't Stop.

Hollywood Shumpo - Shumpo G Mix

This Capital Region Playlist is from last year but still goes hard. Hollywood Shumpo G Mix bears a striking resemblance to Tory Lanez new single the most high. Did Tory jack Hollywood Shumpo? Check out the exclusive in the What's Hot Playlist.

Kieessence - Love Cycle

I couldn't have a Whats Hot Capital Region playlist with out representing for the ladies. KieEssence is always solid let her take you on a trip through the Love Cycle.


If you are artists or know an artist that is Hot and needs to be featured on the playlist. Submit the radio-ready song below:

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