Capital District artists are making moves on YouTube and social media check out the talented artist, producers, and videographers from the 518.  Albany, Troy, and Schenectady have a lot of talented people whether it comes to rapping singing producing or even videography.

Check out some of this week's Hot 5 Capital Region Music Videos:

Albany Lou Ft Jody C - Big Bag

Albany Lou is back with the Big Bag, with Jody C.  The concept behind this song is amazing.  Jody C happened to see Albany Lou's rapper pack with Uncle Murda and wanted to team up with Albany Lou.  Jody C recording his verse and video appearance from a maximum-security prison in Florida where is serving a 25 to life prison sentence. Check out Albany Lou and Jody C in Big Bag.

Gutti Raw - KingEliForever X SupaFly 

Gutti Raw is working in 2021. Gutti Raw keeps bringing the heat with his 2021 releases. Gutti Raw just released two bangers on youtube.

KingEliForever which is a dedication to his brother King Eli, Gutti Raw set his emotions to a boom-bap with a classic feel that reminds me of Nas's vintage hit "One Love'.

Gutti Raw also sets the streets on fire with SupaFly, this melodic song is for the ladies and it is smooth. Check out the vibes this is the perfect riding song. I look forward to more releases from Gutti Raw

U.S. Bay - Lemon Pepper (Freestyle)

Always consistent U.S. Bay is gearing up for his highly anticipated mixtape release hosted by DJ Supreme with his latest music video release for Drake’s “Lemon Pepper Freestyle”.  U.S. Bay is a Capital Region veteran and always has a hot release for the past few years in a row.   My favorite bar from the freestyle is “When I’m Shooting Use My Fade Away Call Me Bay Jordan”.  I look forward to U.S. Bay’s mixtape release.

Ace Gifted - I Do Mine

Ace Gifted is back with the gully street music.  Ace Gifted brings the beats and the bars, this is what New York Sounds like!  Ace Gifted delivers if your into lyrics one of my favorite lines is "they letting five ring like welcome to the Olympics".  Ace Gifted is definitely one to look out for from the Capital Region.

Brixkz & Dae'Lah - "Once in Awhile"

When it comes to grown man rap it doesn't get any better than Brixkz Da Boss.  This time he teamed up with the DaeLah to remake one of my favorite Jahiem songs "Diamond In The Ruff". With expectations being high for this legendary beat that Jadakiss spit on in 2003 Brixkz Da Boss definitely delivers. Check out the smooth summer time banger below:


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