Another Hot Topic comes from a listener who is long-distance dating and someone else answered her text and told her not to visit. 

Here is what she wrote in (unedited)

Hey DJ Supreme

I have a Hot Topic for you.  I am dating this man I met out of town on vacation last year. Things are going well and we get to see each other every other weekend. We have a system where he will either come see me or I'll go see him.  So let me tell you this is where the story gets strange.  This was my weekend to go see him I was packed and ready to go after work on Friday and I get a random text saying "don't bring your ass down here”.

So I'm confused and I call him and some woman answers saying that he is not available. So again I'm confused, he called me that evening and asked where I was I explained what happened with the text and the woman answering, he said it was his sister and he didn't know why she didn't tell him i called. Am I Being Played?

Supreme Response

I would have to say Yes you are definitely being played!  Matter of fact this is the textbook definition of being played. Let me ask you this what “sister” is that interested in their “brother’s” dating life to send a messy message like that? Then on top of sending that message, she doubles down and answers the phone and says he isn’t available.  Unless he and his sister have a YouTube prank channel I highly doubt his sister has anything to do with this.

You seem naive and he should just be honest with you.  There is no real commitment here and this is long-distance dating.  Both of you are entitled to date whoever you want because there is no commitment.  You should see the red flags and either expand your options or quit long-distance dating.

Having a committed long-distance situation ship is hard to maintain because either party can explore closer options anytime they feel like it.  The part that should concern you is that he feels compelled to lie about what happened. I don’t even think this is worth a conversation because he doesn’t know how to date multiple people.

There is no way anyone he is dating should’ve had access to his phone or feel compelled to start trouble if he is truly single. It sounds like you wasted time and money on a canceled flight you can do better than this.

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