According to WNYT, the City of Albany is facing massive budget cuts. The fact that businesses have been closed for over a month leads to another problem. Who is going to pay government workers that have been essential during this time period? That is the problem that Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan had to address yesterday.

The City of Albany is having a serious budget shortfall up to $20 million. This budget deficit touches all aspects of the city of Albany including road maintenance, law enforcement, recreational activities, parks, and events.

The annual Tulip Fest has already been canceled and I’m sure other events are set to follow. Even with canceling events, $20 million is a huge debt. The Albany Mayor delivered the same message that Governor Cuomo has been going back and forth with Washington about, allocating more Federal funds to New York. There will be a number of things that will be affected after the Coronavirus pandemic in the city of Albany long after the New York Pause initiative is over.

The first thing I predict first being cut out is the Alive At 5 Concert Series. This concert series hosts national recording in multiple genres. In the past, we have seen performances from Naughty By Nature, Big Daddy Kane, Salt N Pepa, just to name a few. I doubt the City Of Albany will have the budget to put on these performances this year.

The Mayor will certainly keep us posted on the when’s and where of the budget cuts. Hopefully, these people will be able to find gainful employment when this all over.

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