Alive At 5
Alive at Five outdoor concert series has been a major event in the Capital Region for more than 30 years. This year, due to COVID-19, the Palace Session will be held online in digital form.
Big Dummy Files
Authorities say Mr. LeBlanc ignited multiple fireworks while he was inside of the truck, causing damage to the truck.
Must Have Items
With school being closed, basketball canceled, jobs closing, restaurants bars are closed and so many other things closing or being canceled because of Coronavirus.
Town Of Colonie Computer Systems Hacked
I haven’t heard of a hacker asking for a ransom in a hot minute. 
The town of Colonie experienced a cyber-attack yesterday where a Hacker demanded a ransom to get their systems back up and running.  The attack was done Wednesday evening, but what’s even more …
Bring It Back
The restaurant chain announced that its infamous chicken sandwich would be available again starting Nov. 3. Additionally, the sandwich will now apparently be a full-time menu item
School Accident
A Latham man is being charged in a car accident that happened yesterday causing, St. Ambrose Church and School on Old Loudon Road to go into lockdown mode.
Worst Luck Ever
A man survived a car crash yesterday on I-787, he flipped his car into a tractor-trailer. He was pinned underneath of the tractor-trailer, firefighters had to cut away the flatbed, the car was stuck under.

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