It was only last week that we talked about a Sheriff’s Office employee being arrested for making a false police report in reference to firecrackers. We also heard about how upset Albany Mayor Sheehan is about fireworks. Now a man from Massachusetts is in trouble for setting off fireworks in his car.

According to the Saratogian, the town of Corinth, New York issued a warrant for 46-year old Thomas H. LeBlanc. The Superior Court warrant charges LeBlanc with third-degree arson for an incident that occurred while he was driving his company’s vehicle.

Police say that the incident occurred while Mr. LeBlanc was driving a truck owned by the Northline Utilities Company in New York. Authorities say Mr. LeBlanc ignited multiple fireworks while he was inside of the truck, causing damage to the truck.

Mr. LeBlanc returned back to Massachusetts where officers served a warrant from New York and took him into custody. Authorities extradited Mr. LeBlanc to New York from Massachusetts where he was being held as a fugitive of justice. Mr. LeBlanc was arraigned before the Town of Wilton Court and he was released on his own recognizance.

This is only one of several stories we’ve seen in the past month or so about people illegally using fireworks. There have been news stories from all over the country where people are complaining about the loud noises from them. Mayor Kathy Sheehan recently banned the use of all fireworks until August.

This man's behavior doesn't only sound dangerous it sounds incredibly stupid. What was he thinking about? We are only at the beginning of the summer and it already seems like people are obsessed with fireworks and noise. We must remember that fireworks are illegal because they are dangerous!

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