Homelessness is one of the things that happen in a society that is very prevalent but no one likes to talk about it. Homelessness could happen to anyone at any time under many different circumstances.

Homelessness is an interconnected problem with poverty, family issues, and mental illness. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the homeless community was hit hard in general. Homeless people had a different concern many of us didn't have to face and that is where they quarantine.

Most of the people who are homeless have run out of resources and living on the streets is the only option. I got the opportunity to speak with a homeless man in Albany, John Matthews. We talked about his background and the circumstances that led to him living on the streets. Matthews also explained how COVID-19 and the stay at home orders affected people who live on the streets.

This is a very different perspective that allowed me to see that people should have gratitude for the simple things in life, like having comfortable shelter. I'm sure that most didn't even take these people's safety or concern into consideration during this pandemic.

The conversation with Matthews was very beneficial. Mathews provided insight into how some of his lifestyle choices led to his current circumstances. I was really impressed with how Matthews took responsibility for his bad choices that may have led him to be homeless. With unemployment on the rise, homelessness will become the only option for many.

Take a look at the video and comment on how we can fight poverty and homelessness in the Capital Region. I appreciate Mathews for taking time out to give us his comments.

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