How in the world did a handgun that was stolen in Alabama in 2007 end up all the way in Colonie, New York? That’s one of the questions police in Colonie are trying to answer.

According to CBS News 6, an unidentified woman called the police on Sunday, May 10 for help because a man was allegedly threatening her with an illegal handgun. When the police arrived on the scene of the Speedway on Central Avenue they spoke to the woman and she explained to them that Robert J. Wadsworth was allegedly in possession of a handgun and that he was threatening her with it.

Robert J. Wadsworth, of Albany, is no stranger to the Colonie Police so they weren’t surprised when they discovered that he was responsible for the offense. The Albany man had already been arrested by Colonie Police seven other times is a little on a year. His previous arrests were for burglary, assault, drug charges, and other offenses. Robert J. Wadsworth had been charged with five felonies and 12 misdemeanors in a 12-month period.

Colonie Police say that they located Robert J. Wadsworth on the parking lot of the Lisha Kill Reformed Church inside a vehicle. There were two passengers in the car with him. Mr. Wadsworth alleged had in his possession a Lorcin .38 semi-automatic handgun. The gun was reported stolen in Alabama in 2007, therefore Mr. Wadsworth had the gun illegally.

Mr. Wadsworth was taken to the Albany County Correctional Facility and was arraigned on Monday. His two passengers were released without charges. Hopefully, the handgun will be one day returned to its rightful owner in Alabama.

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