Why Is There No Exit 3 on the Northway?
I know you noticed it, it's Capital Region lore at this point. You're driving on the Northway passing Exit 5...Exit 4...and all of a sudden you're at Exit 2. You knew it didn't exist but have you ever wondered why we have no Exit 3?
Donald Trump Supporter In Colonie Builds A Fence To Protect Sign
As the current Presidential Election gets stranger and stranger. A Donald Trump supporter right here in the Capital Region is serious about protecting his TRUMP 2016 sign. Someone keeps stealing his sign and this time he built a barbed wire fence, complete with concrete and lights, to protect his si…
Grenade Found At Albany Area Goodwill Store
Colonie police responded to the Central Avenue Goodwill Store Saturday afternoon after a pair of grenades were reportedly found in the store.
If you were around the area of Central Avenue and Fuller Road in Colonie on Saturday afternoon, at about 1:30 p.m., you may have seen some police cars and seve…
Texas Roadhouse Coming To Albany Area
Get ready for a new restaurant chain with food so good you’ll smack ya momma!  Texas Roadhouse is set to open its first Capital Region location on August 1st.  The steak and ribs chain will set up shop at 105 Wolf Road.