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One thing we have no shortage of in Upstate New York and the Capital Region is great regional craft beers and brewers. Craft brewers like Druther's, Common Roots, Brown's, and Frog Alley, just to name a few, produce some of the finest suds to ever tickle your taste buds and quench your thirst. But it is a relatively new brewery on the local scene that recently got some high praise from a world-traveling beer expert, according to New York Upstate.

Albany Brew Makes Bloomberg Expert's 11 Best Worldwide Beers of 2023

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The funny thing about this story is beer guru Tony Rehagen stumbled upon the Albany beer on this list while traveling abroad. According to the Bloomberg story "The 11 Best Beers of the Year, Chosen by a Guy Who Tasted 879" Rehagen 'spotted' this Albany beer at a market in Athens' Greece, and here is what he had to say about his experience trying Fiden's Brewing's "Illuminating Serenity" Double New England IPA, one of his best 11 beers on planet Earth:

 I jumped at the chance to buy a 16-oz can...took it back to the Airbnb, climbed to the rooftop terrace and drank it while my wife, brother and I looked up at the Acropolis, lit against the Greek sunset. I’d say this was an experience worth every cent.

Fiden's opened almost 5 years ago in Colonie and quickly became a beloved favorite of local beer aficionados. Fiden's eventually expanded to open a stunning tap room on Broadway in Albany's Warehouse district earlier this year! You can learn more about Fiden's tasty beer selection and how to get your hands on some here.

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