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Should Weed Be Legal?
Marijuana use has been legalized in multiple states around the country. On Monday Governor Cuomo says it’s time for New York to legalize marijuana, but some lawmakers are pushing back.
Police Misconduct File
On Monday our legislators approved bills that are meant to target police misconduct including chokeholds that were used on George Floyd in Minnesota and Eric Garner
Must Have Items
With school being closed, basketball canceled, jobs closing, restaurants bars are closed and so many other things closing or being canceled because of Coronavirus.
Prisoners Make Hand Sanitizer
New York’s prisoners are going to ramp up production of state-manufactured hand sanitizer, which will be distributed to schools, state agencies, and other government offices
Suspended License?
Apparently lawmakers are trying to do something to help people from getting there license suspended and eventually arrested for minor traffic infractions.
Big Dummy Files
In Rochester a man thought he was going to get away with robbing an elderly woman.  Well this woman was a bodybuilder!!!  That’s right, 82 and lifting!

According to CNN, It all happened Thursday night when a man began pounding on an 82-year-old woman door and broke into her …
Should New York Have Daylight Savings All Year?
This is weird, I know we just flipped the clocks back last weekend but a few New York State Senators are annoyed with having to switch back and forth from standard time to Daylight Saving time. They are proposing a new bill that would make Daylight Saving time all year long...
Lego Land NY
Every Lego fan’s dream has come true in New York! You will no longer have to travel to Florida to experience Lego Land.

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