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Surprise Tax Refund Coming to Some New Yorkers This Week
Chances are if you got your tax refund from the IRS it is already gone. But there is some hope to see a surprise tax refund that could be deposited in your bank account starting this week. This is because some taxpayers overpaid taxes on their unemployment compensation in 2020.
Submit Your Music To Hot 991
Now accepting submissions for the submit your hottest song for a new music compilation release for indie artists who would like to stream their music on Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal and more.
Perfect Capital Region Night to See Pink Moon
It's supermoon time again tonight. This will be one of only two supermoons this year. It is called the pink moon but it isn't because of the color of the moon, it's because of the flowers that bloom this time of year.
Casting Call For Capital Region Extras
Have you ever dreamed of being famous?  Did you ever dream about being featured in a movie?  If you’re looking for a chance to appear in a movie, there’s an opportunity coming to the Capital Region later on this summer.
Who is The Hottest Producer?
Who is the HOTTEST producer in the Capital Region? Which Cap City producer made it happen even though the COVID-19 pandemic? Vote Today For The Hottest Producers in The Capital Region.
140,000 Plus in Capital Region Without Power
The powerful storm that swept through the Capital Region yesterday afternoon came fast and furious catching many of us by surprise.  Trees were uprooted, power lines came down and sadly, at least two lives were lost yesterday afternoon as a result.  This morning, as many people in the Capital Region…
Whats HOT Playlist
Whats Hot! New vibes from the Capital Region and beyond. This is a small playlist of people throughout the Capital Region who are doing their thing. These artists submitted music right here at
These are the ones that I found had potential and people needed to hear...
Summer Camp & COVID-19
Some private summer camps aren’t waiting for the governor to make the decision for them, they’ve decided to close their camps for the summer.
This Week's Hot Picks
This week's Generation Next HOT picks. Vote for your favorite five songs to be featured this Sunday at 7 p.m. on the Generation NExt podcast.
Coronavirus Making Gas Prices Plummet
It seems that the only thing anyone is talking about is the Coronavirus. There are many negative conversations swirling around the outbreak. Now there may be a silver lining in the decline of gas prices.

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