A number of reported mountain lions have been spotted just outside the Hudson Valley.

The wild animal was reported in New Jersey, in a county that borders Orange County.

Mountain Lion Reported Near Orange County, New York


A mountain lion was reportedly seen in Sussex County, New Jersey.

A listener told WPG Talk Radio that he spotted the wild animal walking along the edge of a hay field in Frankford Township, a few miles from Stokes State Forest.

Another Sussex County says she had to save her child from a mountain lion.

Despite these reports, according to New Jersey wildlife officials, no mountain lions are living in New Jersey.

It's unclear what animal these residents spotted. The bobcat is the largest cat found in New Jersey, officials say.

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Was A Mountain Lion Spotted In Upstate New York?


Recently, the New York State DEC looked into reports of a mountain lion that was allegedly caught on a trail cam in Upstate New York.

The results of the investigation are below:

Fact Check: Was a Mountain Lion Or Cougar Spotted In New York

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Mountain Lion Spotted In Halfmoon, Saratoga County, New York?

In June 2019, the Town of Halfmoon warned residents that other residents reported "sightings of a mountain lion." Halfmoon is located in the southern part of Saratoga County.

Halfmoon Supervisor Kevin Tollisen later confirmed he told his staff to post the notice on Facebook after a number of residents reported seeing a large animal in their neighborhood. Another resident reported large paw prints.

Mountain Lion Seed Near Saranac Lake, New York?

Cici Marie LaPierre/Facebook
Cici Marie LaPierre/Facebook

A few months later, in October 2019, Cici Marie LaPierre posted a video on Facebook of an animal walking on Main Street, near the NAPA Auto Parts, in Saranac Lake.

In the video, you can hear a man wondering if the animal is a "mountain lion." A research expert later said the animal in the video is not a mountain lion.

Mountain Lion Spotted In Town of Esopus, Ulster County, New York?

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