Brian Yevoli of Albany was arrested for criminal mischief for causing damage to the Albany County Department of Probation building during a May 30, 2020 riot. (Albany County Sheriff's Department)

Law enforcement officials have been working diligently to identify subjects responsible for looting and rioting this spring. So far they’ve arrested 26 people and one of the most recent suspects arrested has connections with a government official.

Organizers intended to have peaceful anti-police protests in Albany. Instead, chaos broke out and peaceful protests turned into looting and rioting. Looters and rioters had no intentions of being peaceful and now 20-year old Brian Yevoli has been arrested in connection with destructive incidents that occurred on May 30 and June 2. An image of a man kicking in a storefront window has surfaced and officers with the Albany County Sheriff's Department say that Brian Yevoli is the man captured in the picture.

Officers say that Brian Yevoli is responsible for causing more than $19,000 worth of damage to the Albany County Department of Probation building on Pearl Street. He has been charged with second-degree criminal mischief. If he is convicted, he could be sentenced to seven years in jail.

What’s so interesting about Brian Yevoli’s arrest is that his father, Michael Yevoli, has connections with the New York State Government. His father was appointed by Governor Cuomo and is working as Regional Director for Empire State Development.

This seems awfully ironic that the son of a high profile government employee would be involved in such violent and destructive acts. Peaceful protesters put their lives and safety in harm's way to make things better for disenfranchised people.

We don’t need instigators coming into our communities wreaking havoc and then leaving others to be blamed for it. If Brian Yevoli is really guilty of destroying property, I hope he isn’t shown favoritism. He should be sentenced like everyone else. If Brian isn't the person in the video, its really unfair that his father is being tied into this. Micheal had nothing to do with the actions of his 20-year-old son either way.

Compare his mugshot to the screen capture, does this look like him?

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