New York State Tax Increase
The state budget was due on April 1, but it was not submitted until Tuesday, April 6. Governor Cuomo announced that he had reached an agreement with Albany legislative leaders yesterday on a tax increase.
Should Governor Cuomo Resign?
Governor Andrew Cuomo has been making headlines for a full year now, and most of the news was good. Unfortunately for him the news has turned sour and now some legislators are calling for his resignation.
Gov Cuomo Releases 3000 Prisoners
Governor Andrew Cuomo recently authorized the release of approximately 800 people who are incarcerated for violating their probation. He also authorized the release of 2200 felons who are convicted of non-violent offenses.
Is Gun Violence Out Of Control?
David Soares, of the District Attorney’s Office, is expressing frustration with the criminal justice reform process saying that it makes the process more difficult to get to closure.
Retired Cop In Hot Seat
Last month we talked about a Cohoes Police officer, Sean, retiring after making false claims against a group of black youth. A group of activists is demanding punishment.
Donkey Of The Day
Donald Trump is the Donkey of the Day because he is opposing much-needed funding for mail-in voting.
New Seat Belt Law
A new seat belt law will take effect on November 1. Make sure you are aware of the specifics of this new legislation before it becomes the law.
Prison Visits Return
In-person visitations are slated to resume for inmates soon, and some leaders are appalled. Maximum security prisons have already begun welcoming visitors yesterday, and the remainder are slated to resume visitations on Saturday.
According to WYNTV, Senator Patty Richie is not pleased with this at al…

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