We’ve all heard a lot about “Stop Asian Hate” lately, even having new legislation being written. Until recently, I had no idea that Asian people were being attacked in this country, and especially by Black people. Every night you would hear about Asian Attacks but it all stopped about a month ago.

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It wasn’t until the last few months that I heard anything about Asian people being attacked in public. Originally I thought that the attacks were happening because of the COVID-19 pandemic and all of the rhetoric surrounding it. Donald Trump was seen on TV repeatedly making disrespectful remarks about Asian people.

According to Stop AAPIA Hate, an anti-hate advocacy group for Asian American and Pacific Islanders, documented more than 6,000 incidents of hate crimes against Asian people last year. The data shows that over the past year the number of anti-Asian hate incidents reported (verbal and physical) has vastly increased. The majority of the attacks were directed at women, who are thought to be a more vulnerable population group. The data also shows a stunning increase in incidents during the pandemic.

We all know that COVID-19 the virus began in China, and some experts believe that the hostility that is being shown toward Asian people was fueled by Donald Trump and his disparaging remarks.

One would assume that the attackers would be Donald Trump followers, but where do Black people fit into this equation? I’ve often wondered if these attackers are paid to harm Asian people or if they are suffering from mental illness.

What do you think? Random or racially motivated attacks against people are wrong either way, but I'm not sure if these attacks were race-related or random. Maybe it's just good news that the attacks have stopped.

What about have you heard anything about Asian Attacks after legislation was signed?

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