Asian Americans gathered to honor victims who were senselessly injured or killed in recent hate crimes.

Members of the Asian American community gathered in Academy Park on Monday evening to denounce hate crimes against Asian Americans.

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The “Stop Asian Hate Rally” sought to honor and remember the victims of the recent hate crimes that occurred recently in cities all over the country.

After the recent murder of six Asian women in Atlanta, members of the Asian and Pacific Islander communities are seeking to make other people aware of the violence that they are experiencing in the Asian community.

Ever since the coronavirus entered the US over a year ago, Asian Americans have been the target for hateful and racist comments and destructive violence aimed at them.

The former President had no problem with using racist rhetoric towards Asians and demonstrating racist behavior towards all non-white people. He repeatedly called the coronavirus the China Virus and told an Asian journalist to “Go ask China”.

During the protest, members said that they wanted others to know that violence towards Asian people is on the rise with nearly 2,800 incidents reported in the past 12 months.

According to News 10, Jinah Kim spoke at the protest about the shootings in Atlanta. Kim said “ The fact that they even suggested that it wasn’t racially motivated was absurd. When I heard that I was like, say, even if, let’s say it was a sex addiction, why is it that the targets were Asian women, who have been severely sexualized throughout generations starting from different wars that have happened in our home countries.“

As a Black man I know how it feels to see someone who looks like you brutally murdered for no good reason. Sadly, Asian Americans are the latest group of minorities to feel the sting of the racism that I see every day.

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