Governor Andrew Cuomo has been making headlines for a full year now, and most of the news was good. Unfortunately for him, the news has turned sour and now some legislators are calling for his resignation. Do you think Governor Cuomo should quit?

In the spring of 2020 New York was the epicenter of the COVID-19 crisis and Governor Cumom made national news with his response to the pandemic. His daily COVID-19 briefings were seen everywhere and people all over the nation were expecting him to run for President. Today, a presidential bid does not seem very likely as Governor Cuomo is embroiled in scandals.

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His first scandal seemed like just another political ploy by his adversaries to strip him of the emergency powers that he was granted in response to the pandemic. Now that ploy has turned into a federal investigation of how he handled the reporting of nursing home deaths due to COVID-19. Governor Cuomo is accused of under-reporting nursing home deaths for political reasons.

Now Governor Cuomo is accused of sexual misconduct. So far seven women have accused him of making inappropriate comments and creating a hostile work environment. One woman accused him of making unwanted advances and inappropriate touching. Inappropriate touching is a criminal offense and this may mean legal issues for Cuomo if the accusations are substantiated.

Both Democratic and Republican legislators are calling for his resignation, but Cuomo denies all allegations and says that he welcomes the investigations and that he will not resign.

According to a recent Siena Poll, 50% of the people say that Governor Cuomo should not resign and 35% believe that he should. Some say that he is unable to carry out his responsibilities and others say that the investigation should be completed before he resigns. They say that we are setting a dangerous precedent by forcing someone out of office because of allegations.

The Governor may not even get the chance to make that decision since there are calls for him to be impeached. These allegations seem very hard to prove either way. If I were Cuomo I wouldn't quit either if resigning seems like an admission of guilt. What do you think, should Governor Cuomo resign now?

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