Should Governor Cuomo Resign?
Governor Andrew Cuomo has been making headlines for a full year now, and most of the news was good. Unfortunately for him the news has turned sour and now some legislators are calling for his resignation.
Dave & Buster's Sues Cuomo
The COVID19 pandemic has been rough on many businesses for a whole year. Dave and Buster‘s video and arcade chain have had enough. They are taking Governor Cuomo to court over the closures.
"Future Disaster Plans"
New legislation was signed on Monday requiring all public employers to create plans to protect their employees in the event in future pandemics.
Should The Government Help Out Renters Facing Eviction?
It’s been estimated that 92,000 New Yorkers were homeless before the COVID-19 crisis began, now homelessness has the potential of ballooning.
Back in March, the government stopped all foreclosures and evictions nationwide. The suspension expired at the end of July, and Governor Cuomo…
Case Closed
The National Rifle Association took Governor Cuomo to court over his coronavirus restrictions, and the judge in the Northern District of New York threw the case out.
On March 20, 2020 Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order declaring that gun stores were non-essential...
Rent Relief Extended
There was some confusion that New Yorkers would face the same fate at the beginning of this month, but a new law passed in June stopped renters from being evicted.
Last Day To Apply
If you’re not able to pay your rent, you are certainly not alone.  Americans all over the country are having a difficult time making ends meet, and eviction is a looming possibility if the government doesn’t act soon.  Today is the last day for str…
Cuomo Vs Bars
Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York State has seen a slight increase in coronavirus cases. He is calling out bar owners, restaurant owners, and New Yorkers in their 20s for the increasing trend.

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