People throughout the state of New York have called for Governor Andrew Cuomo to step down, and he did, but he’s not going quietly. In his last days in office, Governor Cuomo issued a heap of exonerations and pardons, in addition to making sure he walks away with money in his pocket.

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Next week Governor Cuomo is leaving office, and this week he filed his application for retirement benefits. His official retirement will begin on September 1, and he will receive insurance benefits as well as a $50,000 annual income.

According to ABC NY, When you think about it, $50,000 a year in retirement benefits is not a lot of money for someone who spent 15 years working for the government; with his last assignment being Governor of the State. There are a lot of people in the state who don’t want Governor Cuomo to walk away with anything in retirement benefits at all, although he technically earned them.

Before Governor Cuomo leaves office he is setting some people free from jail. He fully pardoned five people while he commuted the sentences of five others.

With just the stroke of a pen, Governor Cuomo‘s pardon will wipe away the convictions of the five people he pardoned. One person, in particular, is Jon-Adrian Velasquez. Mr. Velasquez is a 45-year-old man who’s been serving a sentence of 25 years to life after he was convicted of murdering a police officer.

Mr. Velasquez has always maintained his innocence. In 2013 the four witnesses who pointed him out recanted their statement. He went on to do a lot of good work while he was in prison including earning a bachelor's degree and becoming a fellow for a Columbia University professor. For these reasons, Governor Cuomo felt that he was worthy of a pardon.

Those who had their sentences commuted will have shortened sentences, but their convictions will still stand.

Sexual assault allegations have forced Governor Cuomo out of office. The governor has not said what ventures he intends to pursue in the future, but his last day in office will be August 23.

Capital Region Reacts To Cuomo Sexual Harassment Investigation

This morning AG James said that her investigation concluded that Governor Cuomo sexually harassed his accusers. During her news conference, she said that the women were credible and that she believed them.

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