The COVID-19 vaccine is already being administered to New Yorkers in the 1A category.  This week the vaccine will be expanded to include even more New Yorkers.

New York residents continue to be vaccinated and the next category will begin this week.  The governor has announced that individuals in the 1B category may begin scheduling appointments for the vaccination this week.

Many New Yorkers will be glad to know that the 1B category has been expanded.  When vaccination guidelines were first announced the 1B category was restricted.  The phase 1B category only included residents over the age of 75, public safety workers, transit workers, and educators in grades K through 12.

The expansion was made and now includes:

People 75 years of age and older

Civilian police department employees

Civilian fire department employees

Civilian court personnel

Public safety communications employees

Employees of specialty medical practices of all types

Nursing home employees

Nursing home employees

Hospice employees

Pharmacy employees

Correctional employees

Detention center employees

Rehabilitation employees

Sheriff's office employees

Grocery store employees

Motor vehicles employees

Transit employees

Airline employees

Airport employees

Subway employees

Mass transit employees

Railroad employees

Ferry employees

Port authority employees

K through 12 school teachers

School paraprofessionals

Student teachers

Substitute teachers

School district contract workers

College instructors

Group childcare providers

Bus drivers

Licensed daycare providers

People living in a homeless shelters

People working in homeless shelters

People volunteering in homeless shelters

This list does not include all of the groups eligible under phase 1B.  Now there a lot of additions to this list. Are you cautious about getting the vaccine? For a complete list of all vaccination groups, visit

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