Capital Region Teacher Shortage
Schools in the Capital Region are welcoming students back for the 2021–2022 school year, but not without difficulty. The Capital Region is suffering from a severe teacher shortage.
Schenectady Little Italy Streetfest a Big No This Year
The lingering effects of COVID-19 and staff shortages have claimed another festival. This time it's the Little Italy Streetfest in Schenectady. It's unfortunate but organizers and restaurant owners agree that there is no way they would be able to have enough employees to keep up with the h…
Vaccinated People Test Positive COVID-19
They are called “breakthrough cases“ when vaccinated people test positive for COVID-19. Millions of New Yorkers have been vaccinated against the virus, but more than 8000 vaccinated people have tested positive.
7 Things to Know About the Delta Variant of COVID-19
We have been hearing about the Delta variant of COVID-19 quite a bit lately. The variant seems to be spread more easily and possibly even cause greater illness in people. The Delta variant, which emerged in India in 2020, has been spreading like wildfire all over the world...
Is COVID-19 Vaccine Distrust High?
COVID-19 vaccines have been around for more than seven months and we still haven’t reached herd immunity. US health officials are still struggling to convince the vaccine-hesitant population to take the shots.
Will Stars Begin to Drop from Tokyo Olympics?
Then there are the other athletes. The ones that train their entire lives for this moment in time. The hours of early mornings and late nights, eating right, working out, honing your craft. Opportunity doesn't present itself twice for many of these athletes. Fans or not, this is what they li…

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