It was just announced that the New York State Department of Education has canceled this January's High School Regents exams. Betty Rosa, the Commissioner of Education, just sent out a memorandum to all of the Superintendents in the Capital Region and New York State. It read, in part:

...the New York State Education Department (NYSED or “the Department”) is canceling the January 2022 administration of the NYS High School Regents Examination Program in response to the ongoing impact of the COVID–19 pandemic. This cancellation applies to all Regents Examinations that are scheduled for the January 2022 Regents Examination period. This memorandum also provides information on the amendments that I will ask the Board of Regents to adopt as emergency regulations with respect to the assessment requirements that students must ordinarily meet in order to earn diplomas, credentials, and endorsements so that the cancellation of these exams will not adversely impact students.

Why Are the Regents Exams Canceled?

Just chalk this up to another COVID-19 cancelation. The memorandum does state that they have been keeping a close eye on the pandemic and the January 2022 Regents getting closer and know that there has been uncertainty for the opportunity for all students in New York state to be able to take these exams on the scheduled dates. They are not sure that they would be able to give the exams in a "fair, equitable, and safe manner" for students and teachers throughout New York state.

How Will Those do Students Get Credit for those Classes?

The Board of Regents will approve some modifications and assess the requirements that students will have to meet to earn their credentials, high school diplomas, and endorsements. They will be exempt from the Regents Exams.

What About the Regents Exams in the Summer?

As of now, the NYSED hasn't made a decision about the June and August 2022 Regents Exams. They will continue to monitor the data and the impact of the pandemic. They will decide in a timely fashion and everyone will be fully informed of what will happen.

The NYSED states:

 We will put the health and safety of students and teachers first.

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