New York State Tax Increase
The state budget was due on April 1, but it was not submitted until Tuesday, April 6. Governor Cuomo announced that he had reached an agreement with Albany legislative leaders yesterday on a tax increase.
Gov Cuomo Releases 3000 Prisoners
Governor Andrew Cuomo recently authorized the release of approximately 800 people who are incarcerated for violating their probation. He also authorized the release of 2200 felons who are convicted of non-violent offenses.
Is Gun Violence Out Of Control?
David Soares, of the District Attorney’s Office, is expressing frustration with the criminal justice reform process saying that it makes the process more difficult to get to closure.
Be Seen Be Heard
Election Day is fast approaching, so now is the time to make your decision on how you’re going to vote, then make sure that you cast your ballot.
Retired Cop In Hot Seat
Last month we talked about a Cohoes Police officer, Sean, retiring after making false claims against a group of black youth. A group of activists is demanding punishment.
New Seat Belt Law
A new seat belt law will take effect on November 1. Make sure you are aware of the specifics of this new legislation before it becomes the law.
Presidential Election 2020
“The Breakfast Club” this morning about the upcoming presidential race. The question was "Who should Biden choose as VP should this person be a black woman"?
Black August
Black August began when a group of inmates came together to commemorate the life of activist George Jackson. George Jackson died in a California prison on August 21, 1971.

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