10 Guards Attacked by Inmates at Max Security Prison in Upstate NY

Multiple staffers were attacked by inmates and as many as 10 of them sustained injuries during a violent outburst at a maximum security prison in Upstate New York on Monday.

"We've got some serious injuries here. Coxsackie is under a great deal of pressure and stress, with members working long hours. It's very concerning to us." - NYSCOPBA President Michael Powers, Facebook

According to a report in PressRepublican.Com, the violence took place inside the hard walls that house some of the most violent criminals in the country; the Coxsackie Correctional Facility in  Green County, New York.

What happened?

While specifics of the altercation have not been made public, The New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision released some details on Tuesday afternoon about the injuries sustained in the incident.

"Four staff members were taken to an outside hospital for further treatment with injuries ranging from head trauma to blood exposure and four staff members with pain and swelling remained on duty," they wrote.

Adding, "As a result, a full frisk of the facility began this morning and the incident remains under investigation."

Are prisons more dangerous now than ever?


"Violence such as this makes the work of the Department’s Prison Violence Task Force more crucial than ever to maintain the safety and security of our facilities" NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision Facebook


According to the PressRepublican.Com, the state recently restricted "the use of those disciplinary units after the New York Civil Liberties Union and other advocates for inmates argued solitary confinement amounts to torture."

Michael Powers, the President of NYSCOBA, says that the violent uptick in the prison system is a direct result of staffers having a harder time disciplining inmates thanks to changes in laws in the State of New York.

“The inmates know now there is little or no consequence for these actions,” Powers added.

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