Slumlord Millionaire or Misunderstood Visionary? Albany Eyesore Owner Claims to Have Big Plans!

Does he, in fact, own this hideous monstrosity? If so, how much did he pay for it, and what are his plans?  Find out what we learned here, and hear the entire interview with Jack from 2BD below!

Photo: Two Buttons Deeps
Evan Blum and Jack from 2BD Photo: Two Buttons Deep


"I have more questions than answers at this point...but I think he's misunderstood and I think he's misrepresented in the media." Jack from TBD on the GNA Morning Show with Brian and Chrissy talking about the man who allegdly owns the Albany eyesore the City wants torn down.


Jack from Two Buttons Deep said it best when he told us this morning that even after interviewing the elusive man who allegedly owns the Central Warehouse in Albany, he had "more questions than answers."

And we had some questions for Jack after he made a cold call to Blum last week which resulted in an impromptu trip down to Harlem, where he visited Blum inside "one of his many" warehouses in an attempt to get some answers about the hideous structure has been haunting the Albany skyline for decades.

Photo: Two Buttons Deep
Evan Blum shows Jack from Two Button Deep pieces from his art collection in one of his NYC warehouses


Blum told 2BD he owns 5 or 6 of them, but the city demolished his main warehouse in New York City which housed a lifetime of artwork, artifacts, and personal items, and the warehouse in Albany, if reimagined would fill that void.

"A portion of the wall collapsed," Jack explained, "and the city demolished the entire was seven stories of antiques and his whole life's work was gone on a business trip."

As far as what it could look like if completely leveled and built from the ground up, Jack allowed us a peak at the artist rendition Blum made into a beautiful piece of art displayed inside his gallery - and it looks fantastic, even if it's fantasy.

Photo: Two Buttons Deep
Blum shows off his rendition of the Albany skyline reimagined with the new Central Warehouse

So, what does Jack think about Blum and his big plans after spending an afternoon with him?

"He's kinda misunderstood and he's definitely misrepresented here," Jack explained, adding, "But, I still don't know if he's full of crap or not!"

Check out to entire interview here from Brian and Chrissy in the Morning on 1077 WGNA:


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