As the country races to vaccinate as many citizens as possible, pharmacies in New York State will be vaccinating individuals 16 years old and over with comorbidities.

According to . On Sunday Governor Cuomo announced that vaccination qualifications will be extended to individuals with underlying health conditions. He said that beginning this week individuals who qualify for vaccination can go to any provider, including pharmacies.

According to the Department of Health guidelines, people with underlying conditions are considered the most vulnerable and at-risk residents. The move to expand vaccination eligibility is intended to help vulnerable individuals resume some form of normalcy in everyday life.

Individuals with an increased risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19 suffer from the following illnesses:

Sickle Cell Disease
Liver disease
Type one diabetes
Type Two diabetes
Cerebrovascular disease
Severe obesity
Immunocompromised conditions
Heart conditions
Intellectual disabilities
Developmental disabilities
Pulmonary disease
Chronic kidney disease
Neurological conditions

Individuals with comorbidity who report to pharmacies must provide proof of their illness. They can provide medical information showing their comorbidity with a signed certificate, medical information, or a doctor’s letter.

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Individuals must remember that COVID-19 is still raging through this country and safety protocols must still be practicing. Just because someone is vaccinated against the virus it does not mean that they can let their guard down.

Everyone must still continue to wear their masks while in public. Safety guidelines have been updated to allow individuals to visit with other vaccinated people inside without a mask. They can also visit with individuals who have not been vaccinated but who are considered low risk of severe illness or death.

Health officials are also reminding us that a person is not considered completely vaccinated until two weeks after they have received the second Pfizer or Moderna shot and two weeks after receiving the Johnson & Johnson single-shot vaccination.

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