The COVID-19 vaccine became available for kids 5-11 years old this week. Many parents across the Capital Region and New York state are scheduling appointments for their children. Now Governor Hochul has announced an incentive program for kids to win a full ride.

What is The Governor Offering for Kids 5-11 Who Get the Vaccine?

Governor Hochul announced that she is offering another incentive in an effort to get New York children vaccinated. It is similar to the "Get a Shot to Make Your Future" campaign that was aimed toward 12-18-year-olds. That program gave students a chance to win a full ride to SUNY or CUNY schools. The new program called "Vaccinate, Educate, Graduate" also gives children a chance to win a full scholarship to SUNY or CUNY schools.

What Do Parents Have to Do For Kids to Be Eligible?

Children between the ages of 5-11 would need to be vaccinated by December 19, 2021. As long as they have the first COVID-19 vaccine shot by that date, they are eligible to win a full scholarship. There will be 50 scholarships given away during the five-week campaign.

What Does The Scholarship Consist of?

If your child wins a "Vaccinate, Educate, Graduate" scholarship, they will receive a four-year full-ride scholarship that includes tuition, fees, room and board, and expenses to any two-year or four-year New York State public college or university. That includes all SUNY or CUNY schools.

There have been many incentives given out throughout the campaign of getting all New Yorkers vaccinated. Former Governor Cuomo had a variety of incentives with everything from scratch-off lottery tickets to NFL game tickets.

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