Albany College Student Competes on Wheel of Fortune Tonight
An Albany area college student is competing on the Wheel of Fortune tonight!
I caught wind of this from a post by the Times Union, and of course now have to root for one of our own.  Logan Stone, competing tonight on the Wheel of Fortune, is a junior at the University at Albany...
Local College Campuses Are Going Smoke-Free in 2019
While there's a push to make recreational marijuana legal in 2019, some local colleges are getting more strict and going completely smoke-free in the new year.
Cigarettes, vaping, marijuana, Ecigarettes, hookahs- doesn't matter if it's legal or not,  it's all not allowed on t…
Teenager Accepted To All 20 Top Colleges in The U.S
High School student enrolled in one of America’s top universities next year, he just has to decide which one. Brown applied to 20 top colleges in the United States and was accepted to all with full scholarship, plus $260,000 he’s earned in scholarships..
FREE Hot College Door Hangers
If you're a college kid shacked up in a dorm room or sharing an apartment with other students, privacy is limited.  Hot 99.1 to the rescue!  If you're trying to "study" or get freaky, these door hangers are guarenteed to keep unwanted visitors away fro…
Believing in yourself: Congrats to all College Grads of 2013!!!
Tis the season, to pat yourself on the back and be proud of your accomplishments!!! Toot your own horn because you believed in yourself and didn't give up. Shout at the top of your lungs, "I did it!!" to the Capital Region!  I am talking to you my dearest College Graduate…
Fire at SUNY Oneonta
Our sister news outlet CNY News in Central New York is reporting that there is a fire at SUNY Oneonta.