Recently, a lot of my friends have been talking about going back to school, taking classes, or generally trying to improve their lives. Most of them just need a little motivation to get back into it, so I decided to take the first step for them and check out Bryant & Stratton College.

We stopped by the campus and talked to Wes in the Admissions Office about getting ready to go to school at Bryant & Stratton, and of course, I took a camera with me.

Hear what he had to say and check out the first episode of The Bryant & College Experience:

There were a lot of things I learned about the college in my first trip to the school, so we broke down the trip into several different episodes to find out what the Albany campus of Bryant and Stratton is all about. So, stay tuned and join me for the next couple of weeks for the Bryant & Stratton College Experience. Next episode we take a tour of the campus and talk to the staff about getting enrolled.

If you're interested in taking your own personal tour of the school, tours are available Monday - Friday. Give them a call at 888-659-0923, or visit their website.

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