Hot 991 wants to show the class of 2020 some virtual love. This year has been one of the weirdest that we have seen so far, but we still have to show the Class of 2020 some love.  You're still graduating and you deserve it!

New York Schools have been out since March some of you wouldn’t have made it anyway so COVID-19 helped you graduate anyways.  Hot 991 is the VIBE so we are having a virtual graduation ceremony for our class of 2020. 

Do you have a graduate that you want to show some love? Send us a picture of your class of 2020 grad. Inside of the Hot 991 app, send us a picture of your graduate and where they are graduating from. 

We will post our TEAM HOT grads online and congratulate the grad in front of the entire 518 on Hot 991 and Hot Family and Friends of the Class of 2020, Get your picture of your 2020 grad in today we want to put your grad on display at

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 and remember you can make it through anything if you made it through this. From the Class of 2020’s station for Hip Hop, Hot 991.

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