Horrific gun violence has been plaguing our state and now Governor Cuomo is making a bold move to try to curtail it.

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Governor Cuomo declared a State of Emergency for New York in an attempt to decrease the devastating gun violence that the state has been enduring for more than a year now.

Gun violence has been rising in most major cities in the country and cities in New York are no exception. Here in the Capital Region, we have also seen an uptick in violent crime.

The governor’s plan is to treat gun violence as a public health crisis. He intends to put financial resources in place so that police can work towards curbing the violence.

Two teenage girls, Chyna Forney and Destiny Greene were gunned down in the streets of the Capital Region. In March of this year 12-year-old, MJ Rivera was struck by a bullet that left him paralyzed.

CBS6 talked to MJ’s mother to get her reaction to the Governor’s declaration. She said,

“ It's a good start, I just hope they do spend the money on programs they’re talking about because violence is a big issue. It’s going to be a long haul to get guns off of the street and make sure children aren’t dying.“

MJ‘s mom said that people don’t really pay attention to gun violence until it is at their door.

Cuomo is also attempting to reduce gun violence by allowing the victims of gun violence and their families to sue gun manufacturers

Steve Bestley commented

Gun manufacturers only make the item, state laws enforce restrictions as to how to obtain said item. If no one thinks rigorous background checks are being done I’d say go try and get one.

Tamika Coles commented

When you start hitting pockets. When 1000 ppl sue for 1.7 million a piece to one manufacturer. (Hypothetically Speaking) its a trickle effect. Cause at this point nothing is being done.

If the funds are used appropriately we may begin to see gun violence diminish. We can’t continue to see young people killing each other in the streets, hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the senseless violence.

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