The holiday season is quickly approaching and if you are out and about, riding around without your seatbelt on, Governor Cuomo has a warning for you. If you are caught without a seatbelt, you will get a ticket.

Governor Cuomo’s office announced that New York’s “ Buckle Up New York, Click It or Ticket” campaign is now in effect through November 29.

Back in August Governor Cuomo signed new legislation into law that requires everybody in the car to wear a seatbelt, not just drivers and front-seat passengers.

According to NYTV, The new law just went into effect on November 1, and it will be strictly enforced until after the Thanksgiving holiday.

During last year‘s campaign, police officers issued more than 26,000 tickets for car seat and seatbelt violations, and that was when the law only applied to people in the front seat. Now that the law includes passengers in the rear, police officers will probably issue even more tickets this year.

Governor Cuomo said, “Wearing your seat belt isn’t only the law, but it’s the smartest choice you can make to help prevent a needless tragedy. New York has been a national leader on this issue ever since my father helped to institute the country’s first seatbelt law, and while we’ve made a great deal of progress over the years, we still see instances where they are not being used.“

It only makes sense, it’s been proven that seatbelts save lives. Don’t become a statistic, wear your seatbelt or suffer the consequences if you are caught.

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