We all know that gun violence has escalated to an alarming level, now Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying to address the issue head-on.

At the beginning of July Governor Cuomo declared a “gun violence disaster emergency” in the state of New York. With this declaration comes state funding to address the issue.

According to News 10, Today Governor Cuomo went to work with community leaders to address the root causes of gun violence. Poverty and hopelessness have been targeted as some of the causes for violence.

In an attempt to address these issues, Governor Cuomo has announced a new program that will provide jobs for at-risk youth in the Capital Region.

Governor Cuomo announced that at-risk youth would have an opportunity for both summer and full-time employment. He said that there would be 803 jobs in the Hudson Valley and another 501 jobs for at-risk youth in the Capital Region.

During the announcement, Governor Cuomo said, “We have an obligation to protect our kids and anyone else who may be vulnerable to gun violence, and today’s meeting brought different stakeholders into one room, so we can agree on concrete solutions for the parts of the Capital Region where gun violence has been most ravaging.” The program will create 111 summer jobs and 390 long-term jobs for at-risk youth.

To address the issue of inactivity during the summer, the state will provide summer activity programs for the children throughout the Capital Region’s state parks.

Conflict resolution is a critical issue that is lacking in today’s children. The state will establish intervention programs throughout the community to teach children how to resolve conflicts in a nonviolent way.

Lastly, the state will expand programs to address mental health issues, substance abuse problems as well as providing services for family crisis intervention.

The state and community leaders have begun the difficult task of helping at-risk youth move forward in a more peaceful way.

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