NY Poll Reveals Where Best Teachers Are In 518
For playing such an important roll in our lives - and our children's lives - it's unfortunate that teachers can quite often be underpaid and under-appreciated.  If you have some fine teachers in your area, be sure to let them know how you feel.  There are plenty of great educators in the Capital Reg…
Should Schenectady Raise The Smoking Age to 21? [POLL]
County legislators passed a bill to increase the age on Tuesday. Schenectady is now the fifth county in New York, plus New York City, to increase the age someone can purchase tobacco products. Is there really a need to do this? By the age of 18 do you really know the dangers of smoking cigarettes?
Generation Next Hot Picks
This week's Generation Next hot picks. Vote for your favorite five songs to be featured this Sunday at 10 p.m. in the Generation Next podcast.
Generation Next 7-4-16
Listen to last week's podcast here.
Agree Or Disagree?
According to CNY Central, The NYS Senate passed a controversial bill that would make it a felony to incite violence against a police officer.
Child Support Card
The state of Delaware is proposing a child support card, with strict regulations that the money has to be spent on school supplies, and children's clothing. Women are upset about this saying that they don't need these regulations because they take care of their children...
Bill Cosby
It's been interesting to see the court of public opinion that has been going on all weekend on Facebook.
Teacher Resigns !
North Carolina elementary school teacher has resigned after his decision to read a gay-themed children's book to his third-grade class led to controversy in the small town of Efland.
Omar Currie read “King & King” tells the story of a crown prince who has &ldq…
Which Movie Had The Saddest Death Scene ? [POLL]
Which movie death made you really feel some type of way? Personally, I feel Raheem's death in Juice touched me, probably because he was killed by his best friend. Then his "best friend"/ murderer acted like nothing happened. It makes you paranoid to know that someone you kick …
HIV Positive Man Kicked Out
A HIV Positive man was recently kicked out of a basketball game for being open and honest about his HIV status. Here is how it all went down according to The Orlando Sentinel.
Dakota Basinger, 21, had been playing league basketball all season for Florida Dream Sports, a league sponsored by the city …

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