We’ve always heard that we should give flowers to those we love while they are living. Hopefully DMX got that love while he was still living.

World-renowned rapper, songwriter, and actor DMX passed away on April 9th. He was laid to rest on Saturday in grand style in Brooklyn, New York.

DMX, who was named Earl Simmons at birth, was born in Mount Vernon, New York. He passed away in a hospital in New York and the people of Brooklyn showed up to say goodbye to him as his casket was carried through Brooklyn streets.

His funeral service was very emotional as other musical icons came out to say goodbye to him.

Members of the New York Senate made an extraordinary move on Tuesday, April 20 when New York State Resolution 361 was announced and approved. The resolution declares December 18th as Earl “DMX'' Simmons Day.

According to Biz Me, Senator Jamal Bailey rapped some of DMX’s lyrics on the Senate floor when the resolution was officially announced. Senator Bailey said, “ In New York, we have our own hip-hop royalty. He’s the Earl of Westchester County. He is DMX, he is one of the greatest hip-hop artists that we will ever know.”

DMX was born on December 18th and to have his birthday declared as “DMX Day” is a phenomenal accomplishment and a tremendous compliment to his legacy.

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Today I honor DMX and I sincerely hope that he knew how proud everyone in New York is of his lifelong accomplishments. I also hope that DMX received as many flowers while he was living as he did after his passing.

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