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New York State Tax Increase
The state budget was due on April 1, but it was not submitted until Tuesday, April 6. Governor Cuomo announced that he had reached an agreement with Albany legislative leaders yesterday on a tax increase.
New York State's Virtual MLK Celebration
January 15th, is Martin Luther King Jr.’s real birthday, but the official Martin Luther King holiday will be celebrated on Monday, January 18.  To help celebrate, PBS has a virtual lineup that will certainly be entertaining and informative.
Plastic Bag Ban
Over the past 40 years the number of plastic bags used for customers has went into the billions per year per state.
New IDs In The USA
If you still have an old I.D. like the one in your wallet now, you will not be able to board your plane unless you have a passport.
Local Places Where You Can Buy ‘Legal’ Fireworks
As we approach the 4th of July, get ready to see pop-up tents that claim to be selling "Fireworks".  They're not.  The technical term is 'sparkling devices' and for the record, they're not the big explosives that people in our neighboring states are able to legally sell.  With that being s…
Bill Makes School Buses Safer
New York state is one step closer to making our children safer on the school bus. Legislation has passed to ensure more safety both on and off the bus.
How To Get A Free Air Conditioner
It seems as if it is taking spring forever to get here, but before we know it, it will be the hot days of summer. The Governor's Office announced that it is offering millions of dollars in assistance for those in need of air conditioning.
Most Unusual New York State Museums to Visit [LIST]
When I visit a new place, I like to see the different, the unusual, off-the-beaten path type of sights. Even if I'm just going on a day trip not too far away, you'll find me at one of these museums before one of the more common ones.
Coumo to Announce Uber And Lyft Plan For Upstate
There was a big push in 2016 to allow ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft to service areas outside of New York City. Governor Cuomo is prepared to roll out a plan to allow ride-sharing apps to operate out of the New York City boundary. Taxi companies and the ride-sharing apps have been at odds eve…
Banned In NYS
There is nothing that gives your car more of a personality than a Vanity license plate. You can have what ever quirky or fun saying that you want as long as it fits in the limited space.
Since the space is so limited people come up with the most creative ways to express themselves on these plates...
Gimme The Light
If you want to fireworks, you have to leave the state. Now, if you want one of those novelty lighters that makes all your friends say, “WHOA! That’s dope!,” you’ll have to leave the state too.