The announcement has been made, and it’s official, Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan is running for reelection.

On Monday night, Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan made the announcement official that she is seeking reelection next year.

Mayor Sheehan explained that she did not accomplish all of the things she intended to accomplish this year because of COVID-19. She said, “I believe that experience matters, and I also wasn’t able to accomplish things that we thought we were going to get done this year because of Covid, and I want to see those things through, so I have decided that I am running again.

If Mayor Sheehan is successful in her bid for reelection, this will be her third term as the mayor of Albany. In 2013, Mayor Sheehan became the first woman to become mayor in Albany‘s history. She is the fourth elected mayor since 1942.

Historically, Albany has been an overwhelmingly Democratic city. The city hasn’t seen a Republican mayor since the early 1920s.

Mayor Sheehan has already received endorsements from several elected officials on all levels of government, federal, state and local. Before Mayor Sheehan ran for the mayor’s office, she held the office of the City Treasurer upon entry into government.

Mayor Sheehan has been in the news a lot this year due to the spike in violent crime and the COVID-19 crisis. She has been very vocal in her pleas for peace and harmony in the city. She has also been vocal about her concerns over COVID-19 and the safety of the citizens. I’m sure we will see a lot of Mayor Sheehan as she campaigns for reelection next year.

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