Today is National Junk Food Day, I never knew this was a holiday, but I’m always down for a celebration. This is a day to celebrate everything junk food so whether your favorite are chips, cakes or candy grab what you like and indulge in a guilty pleasure.

While there is no history to this holiday and we don’t even know who created it, today is the day to eat food full of high fats, sugars, salt, and calories. The one rule of junk food it to keep things low on the nutritional value. Junk foods are embedded in American culture and are accessible almost everywhere, so of course, there would be a holiday to celebrate.

Zippia actually analyzed google trends from across the county to determine which snacks are most popular in the United States. The leading snack in New York are Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies. I haven’t had one of those since Mom used to pack them in school lunch in the 80’s.

Over the years there have been many campaigns to get people to eat a little healthier, I like this initiative because it is realistic and allows people to participate in something that they are going to indulge occasionally anyways. Junk food is bad for you but just like anything else in moderation it won't kill you. Enjoy the day with your favorite junk food and finish the day off with a workout or walk to burn off the additional calories.

What is your favorite junk food? Will you indulge in National Junk Food day this seems like a fun way to social distance and enjoy the simple things in life. I’ll probably grab my favorite chips and some Oreos and a bike ride, later on, to burn it all off.

Happy National Junk Food Day!

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