Capitaland Taxi Ends Airport Service
Capitaland Taxi has ended its operation at Albany International Airport, the latest sign of the collapse of the local livery business. Claiming not being able to handle competition from ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft.
According to Times Union...
No Jail Time
There is a 25-year-old bus driver named Shane Piche who had sex raped a 14-year-old he will serve no jail time.
Child Delivers Baby
Robert John Cronin, 33, is accused of sexually assaulting and impregnating a young child. He has been indicted on several charges.
$500K Going Towards Albany Capital Center Renovations
The Albany Capital Center may be only a few years old, but it's already getting some more major renovations.
By major renovations, I mean 500 thousand dollars worth.  According to the Times Union, the Albany Capital Center is doing so well with business that they need more space...
Get A Refund
Spectrum made promises to deliver internet speeds that aren't capable in NY State, and the technology to improve speeds is too costly.
William Rivas has come up to Hot 991 numerous times to talk about the various initiatives the #SAVEORUSTREETS movement has participated in this year. This is a live telethon and event. There will be speakers and performances from local talent.
Heroes Wanted! Local Fire Departments Looking For Volunteers
It goes without saying how much all of us here at GNA appreciate the men and women of the Capital Region who save lives on the daily (whether paid or a volunteer) as a firefighter or an EMT. If that is something you've always to do, and you've got that fire in your DNA, many local volunteer fire dep…
5 Crazy Ideas That Would Improve Albany
It seems like everyone is paying attention to politics and the general operation of our country and city.  From Donald Trump signing an executive order every other day, to Mayor Sheehan and Gov. Cuomo going back and forth about Albany's budget, we had to take it to the street and ask: &…
New Club Houses For Teens Battling Addiction
Fundraising for young teens, adults battling addiction: So there’s a going to be grant funding these are going to be called clubhouses and this is really going to be a great thing that we need because there’s a LOT of young people in the throes of addiction...
Women Entrepreneurs
Ladies its never to late to become a boss. Owning your own business and becoming an entrepreneur is one of the goals that a lot of women want to achieve. In a male dominated business world it is often hard for women to get that first business off the ground...
Weirdest Street Names In The Capital district?
The Capital District has some interesting names, some of them are very funny. A lot of the roads in the Capital Region come from Dutch and Native American backgrounds.  The following don't come from any Dutch or Native American origin.  These are some the random names of streets in th…
UAlbany Students Clean Up Pine Hills
When young people do something wrong everyone wants to give the negative all the attention in the world. Unfortunately, when young people are doing the right things people seldom take the time to recognize the people who are doing positive things in our community.

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