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Good Morning. So I have a topic of the day. Please don't judge me!! We live and learn.

Back in April, I met this guy. He was up front about living with the mother of his kids. So we agreed to have a one night stand. The sex was amazing, Well that one night stand never happened. We started dating. Yes, I know that wasn't the smartest thing. So everything was good. I meet brothers and homies, everyone in his life knows about our relationship other than the mother of his kids.

Recently, he came to visit me where I go to school. And we found out she has a tracker on his phone. Okay, I know that's more than a baby situation. They have been together for 10 plus years. He claims to be unhappy in the relationship for several reasons. Now, he is acting funny. Like he is not answering calls or replying to text messages.

I saw him Sunday. I mean I live in another state due to school. I understand you have kids and you don't want to break up your home but if you are not there emotionally. Isn't the home already broken? He covers all the bills And takes great care of his children and the mom. He keeps saying he doesn't want to lose his kids. But how can he lose his kids if he is the sole provider? I'm so frustrated and confused. I’ve fallen for this man and feel like we will be great long term. I just need some advice. Oh he is nine years my senior.

This sounds like a very complex entanglement. This is more complicated than Jada and August because there are young children involved. Honestly, it sounds like he is content with the way things are and enjoys living a separate life, that differs from his home life. You are 9 years younger than this man, so it seems like he is trying to relive his youth.

His time with you is a break from the life of being the sole provider for a household. It’s an escape from the life that he created. Your at the height of your youth, your in college and have so much potential to live your best life, it seems like he has chosen a life that he is not content with. I don’t think you should put to much effort into keeping him, this really has nothing to do with you.

Focus on your long term, this is temporary for him and honestly you probably aren’t the first or the last woman he will get into one of these situationships with. He will always come back so let him go through whatever he is going through the mother of his kids. She can track him all she wants, he is going to do what he wants to do.

This situation is dangerous and that is probably the reason why the both of you continue, you are both thrill seekers. If this woman is tracking him, somewhere along the line he is being dishonest with his children’s mom. If he isn’t being honest with his children’s mother most like he probably isn’t going to be honest to you.

If you continue to date this man do it your own terms because he is dating you on his terms. Tap in this afternoon from 3p - 7p, call in 518–370-9910. You can also check in via the #HOT991 app send us a message with your thoughts on this entanglement.

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