Remember the hit web show "Money and Violence" that aired on YouTube in 2014? The show kind of was the foundation and inspiration behind a lot of other successful web shows such as Respect Life, Double Up and more. The show aired weekly and was a crime epic series about gangsters, stick-up kids, hustlers, players and everyone in between set in a Brooklyn NY.

The show brought about some very unique characters that the audience seemed to love and adapt too along with its infamous story line. One character that seemed to be a fan favorite was Leon the "ZoeGod" played by Kai Alaska. Leon was mostly known for being a scammer and getting caught up in some ish he shouldn't of been involved in and quickly picked up the alter ego of being "The Zoe God. One of my favorite characters on the show as well. It seemed like every time Leon was apart of the scene you knew you would be laughing and questioning what is this guy up too? but at the same time respected his hustle and bustle. One of the many famous lines quoted from Leon on Money and Violence was his " how much do a shoulder cost line". Well its been almost 5 years now since the last episode aired and the question is "What happened to money and violence and where is the characters now? Peep the interview with Hot991 very own Keisharenee as she talks the hit web show Money and Violence days with Kai Alaska aka Leon the Zoe God ,to his new business ventures and staying in his lane when it comes to getting ahead in his career .

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