What National Day Is It?
Another week and some more wacky weird fun holidays. Check this weeks national  holidays out now. If you feel a little creative and what to submit an idea for a holiday check out the link below, your holiday too can become national.
Monday- national awkward moments day
Tuesday- national laugh day
Dj Biz’s top 5 music picks.
These are songs that you definitely need in your playlist. Not only are they in heavy radio rotation, but they are also some of the most highly requested songs in the clubs.
Women In Radio Conference
Yesterday I attended an amazing event for women who are in radio and the media/entertainment industry. It was a beyond amazing event with such intelligent, ambitious and beautiful women from all over and all different backgrounds.
Flash Back Friday To When Music Sounded Like This
I always say music makes the world go around. Music is the soul foundation that keeps us all connected in some way shape or form. Imagine a world without music it would be super dry and everybody would  be aggy.Good thing that's not the case, however music does change from time to time and some woul…
Who’s Hot: Souly Had
The Capital Rregion's very own Souly Had has just inked his very first deal with Island Records this past weekend. Mind you The Grammys took place out in Cali this past Sunday as well so Souly was able to soak up and connect with all the excitement from all of that and enjoy his first signed de…
Who’s Hot Artist Of The Week: D3V
Albany NY's up and coming artist D3V finally released his highly anticipated music video for his new single " Mad @ Me". D3V raps on a sick beat and talks about almost falling back and giving up music but then realized quitting is NOT an Option and he had to get back in his ba…
Who’s Hot: Reilly Balcom x Trey Terry
Shout out to Reilly Balcom and Trey Terry for pulling up to the Hot991 studios. They got alot goin on this year from branding thereselves in other markets and continusly putting on for the 518.
You probably seen “Another Visual Banger” tag on one of your favorite artists v…
Jordan Hollywood Talks New Album With Keisha Renee
Last week, I had the pleasure to meet Quality Control's newest member Jordan Hollywood at Overit Studios for a listening of his second album "Finally" which dropped November 9th. Super dope vibe. He played a couple tracks off the album and answered some questions that people h…
Artist Submit Music For Who’s Hot Podcast
Every Saturday night we lit on Hot 99.1 playing the hottest underground music in the 518 and around. Sing, Rap, or do both and wanna see how the 518 rates your music? Submit clean radio music using the form below. Saturday nights, find out who's hot and on the come up with Keisha Renee kicking …

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