Casinos Reopening
Casino owners have not been given any indication as to when they will be lucky enough to reopen, and they are looking for answer.
Mother's Day Snow
According to, AccuWeather meteorologists anticipate the upcoming weather to bring snow and freezing conditions throughout the Capital region.
Who's Hot : Kai Alaska Aka Leon the Zoe God
Remember the hit web show "Money and Violence" that aired on YouTube in 2014? The show kind of was the foundation and inspiration behind a lot of other successful web shows such as Respect Life, Double Up and more. The show aired weekly and was a crime epic series about gangst…
Kobe Bryan 02-24-20
Funeral arrangements for Kobe Bryant, and his daughter Gianna have been made and were announced today via his wife Vanessa Bryant’s Instagram page
Who's Hot : MobBeatz
Congratulations to MobBeatz for winning Hot991's producer of the year award. MobBeatz is a producer, writer, and artist coming out Albany NY, originally born and raised in Turkey until he was a young teenager and then moved to Upstate NY. MobBeatz has been on the music grind and staying consist…
The Largest Harry Potter Store Coming to NY
I can remember clear as day when The Harry Potter movie hit theaters. It was already a huge success based off the Harry Potter novel. I remember that being one of my first books I read that had over 500 pages to it. Crazy to see how far and successful Harry Potter has come...
The Big Red Dog is Getting a Reboot
Listen you are never to old to get excited about the things you used to love as a kid, like your favorite movies, favorite TV shows, favorite food whatever. Well one thing that gets me excited is seeing all my favorite TV shows and sitcoms getting a reboot...
Ban Paper Receipts
NYC lawmakers are considering a ban on some paper receipts and make it a requirement that retailers offer emailed receipts instead of paper ones
Is Cosby Innocent?
He still claims his innocence in his first interview from prison with Black Press USA. Over 60 women accused Cosby of sexual assault and he was sentenced to 3-10 years.
Top Instagram Influencers
Now with social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, and Twitter, you can watch the every day life your favorite celebrities becoming closer than ever.
Instagram Will No Longer Show Likes
Instagram is one of many social apps that are in use 24/7. Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram are all social media apps that allow you to interact with people from all over the world. Most features allow you to like , unlike, comment and repost from other people stories or timelines...
Capital Region Schools May Get New Start Time
Getting to school on time for some kids is already half the battle but waking up on time and getting out the door is the real battle.
Well schools all over the Capital Region could be getting new start times according to The Times Union studies show that the benefits of a full nights rest o…
This Week's New Music Vibes
I said this before that music is very universal and it’s something that we all have in common—in the fact we all enjoy a good tune every now and then. Most artists give us a time frame of when they will be dropping new music or a body of work, that is unless you're Be…
Tips To Help You Get Ready for Winter in Upstate NY
Winter is coming if we want it to or not , that's just life in upstate NY. Whether you live here or visit during the winter time, then you know it can be really cold, like freezing temperatures during the winter season. According to Current Results the lowest temperature reached in 2018 was -10…
Daylight Savings Ends Today
In case you forgot today is the last day of daylight savings , which means we in theory we will gain an extra hour of sleep. You know the saying “Spring forward , Fall back “ at 2 am on November 3rd the clocks will go back an hour.
So going to bed in the dark and waking up in the dark wil…
Studies Show People Who Run Late Are Happier?
You ever had to be somewhere at a certain time and just knew you were gonna be little late? Well no rush studies have shown people running late are a lot happier and they could live a lot longer. According to studies from Harvard University the Harvard medical school says people who are running late…
Expect Rain On Halloween
So the Halloween weather forecast is reading rain and lots of it. I personally can’t remember to many rainy Halloween’s but as of today Mother Nature is planning on bringing a little rain shower for this Thursday, which means Halloween could be moved inside indefinite…

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